Energy Service Companies

At the heart of innovative financing models for efficiency

Energy service companies (ESCOs) deliver energy efficiency projects that are financed based on energy savings. Given the need to rapidly and significantly increase financing for energy efficiency, interest in ESCO business models is growing.

United Kingdom


Average duration of Contract Survey Data

	Share of activity
          Debt borrowed by the Client	58
          Debt borrowed by the ESCO	8
          Sale of Claims	12
          Operating Lease	19
          Finance Lease 	23
          Project Financing	31
          Grants / Subsidies	23
          Client Internal Funds	38
          Service Provider Internal Funds	15
          Other Financing Methods	8
            "chart": {
            "type": "column"
            "title": {
            "text": "Percentage of ESCO Survey Respondents using each Financing Source"
            "plotOptions": {
            "series": {
              "innerSize": "50%",
              "size": "100%",
              "tooltip": {
                "valueSuffix": "%",
                "valueDecimals": 0
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            	"enabled": false
            "showInLegend": false
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                "title": {
              "text": "Energy Service Companies Activity by Sector"
            "subtitle": {
              "text": "UK"

The QualitEE survey has collected data surrounding the main drivers and barriers of business for ESCOs in United Kingdom. This is an excellent opportunity to compare the structural differences of ESCO markets to identify policies or mechanisms that account for such variance. Policies can then be built to complement existing drivers and overcome identified barriers.

QualitEE Data

QualitEE Data