Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week

‌The IEA Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week is a five-day training event dedicated to sharing experience with planning, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency policies in emerging economies. Launched in 2015, these events have now brought together over 800 next generation energy efficiency professionals from 83 countries, primarily from government institutions and supporting organisations in emerging economies.

EETW Group Photo (optimized)

The 2017 Energy Efficieny Training Week held in Paris (Photo: IEA)

The aim of these training events is to equip junior energy efficiency policy makers with knowledge and skills to be more effective in their roles. Participants become part of the international energy efficiency community with a large support network to call upon as they progress through their careers.

The energy efficiency training week programme consists of parallel courses on energy efficiency in the following areas: (1) buildings, (2) lighting, appliances and equipment, (3) industry, and (4) transport. The programme also includes cross-sectoral sessions on assessing the potential for energy efficiency, tracking progress, communication campaigns and finance.

The programme is designed for policymakers and those working with governments on energy efficiency policy, seeking to enrich their knowledge and skills and to join E4's community of practice.

Upcoming Training Weeks:

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Past Training Weeks:

Jakarta, July 2018 

Paris, May 2018

Rio de Janeiro, November 2017

Tbilisi, October 2017

Singapore, July 2017

Paris, June 2017, 

Paris, June 2016

Paris, June 2015

The 2018 Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training weeks are made possible thanks to the generous contributions provided by the Governments of Denmark and Switzerland.

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