Best Practice in Energy Efficiency Policy

The IEA seeks to support countries in implementing effective policies to realise the full potential of energy efficiency. The following resources provide strong analysis of a wide range of policy instruments in the following areas:  Appliances and equipment, Buildings, Industry, Lighting, Transport and Utilities.  

Reports and Policy Recommendations

25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations

Published: 21 August 2011

IEA analysis has led to the development of 25 energy efficiency policy recommendations which identify best-practice, highlighting the opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and policy approaches in each sector to realise the full potential of energy efficiency.

The IEA also collaborated with regional experts and partners to develop specific energy efficiency policy recommendations for the Arab-Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region, Southeast AsiaLatin America and the Caribbean Regions and for Ukraine.

Policy Pathway Series

Based on direct experience, research, expert workshops and best-practice case studies, the Policy Pathway series outlines the essential steps and milestones for energy efficiency policy development and implementation. Policy Pathways can help countries to ask the right questions, to inform and consult stakeholders, to ensure allocation of sufficient resources, provide training for stakeholders, and communicate results. They also help countries to establish robust monitoring systems and to evaluate results in a way that ensures the achievement of desired objectives.

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IEA Insights

IEA Insight papers provide policy and/or technical analysis on a specific work area. They are often released as a work in progress that has been produced in parallel with – or is contributing to – other IEA work or formal publication.

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Policy Databases

Building Energy Efficiency Policies (BEEP) Database

The BEEP database was launched in 2012 as part of the work of the IEA’s Sustainable Buildings Centre (SBC). It provides a detailed breakdown of policies for energy efficiency in buildings around the world, including those supporting buildings codes, labels, incentive schemes and zero-energy buildings.

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Policy and Measures Database (PAMS): Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures database provides information on policies and measures taken or planned to improve energy efficiency. The database further supports the IEA G8 Gleneagles Plan of Action mandate to “share best practice between participating governments”, and the agreement by IEA Energy Ministers to promote energy efficiency and close policy gaps.

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