Recommendations of the Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions
Clean energy transitions

Global leadership to accelerate the shift to clean energy

The IEA provides reliable and up-to-date data, rigorous analysis, and effective policy recommendations and real-world solutions to help governments and industry meet their climate goals, improve energy access and reduce air pollution. The IEA is especially focused on the next decade as a critical period of action, to ensure a sustainable recovery and build the basis for reliable and sustainable energy systems.

The energy sector underpins all aspects of modern societies, but is also responsible for a large majority of global greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The IEA helps governments, industry and other top decisionmakers from around the world to accelerate clean and just energy transitions, ensuring more sustainable, resilient, affordable and secure energy for all. 

In February 2020, the IEA Executive Director called for a grand coalition – including governments, industry, financial institutions, international organisations and civil society – to ambitiously meet climate goals. The agency held its first IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit – with Ministers from over 80% of the global economy – in July 2020, as well as a series of ministerial-level meetings on clean energy and economic recovery, investments for secure and sustainable energy systems, Africa and Latin America.

Clean Energy Transitions Programme

The IEA's Clean Energy Transitions Programme (CETP) leverages the IEA’s unique energy expertise across all fuels and technologies to accelerate global clean energy transitions, particularly in major emerging economies. CETP activities include collaborative analytical work, technical cooperation, training and capacity building and strategic dialogues.