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TechnologyNetworkLogo‌‌There are no quick fixes to long-term energy challenges. To find solutions, governments and industry benefit from sharing resources and accelerating results. For this reason the IEA enables independent groups of experts - the Energy Technology Initiatives, or ETIs1.


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Recent activities and findings

Mercury emissions from coal and energy efficiency workshops in India 

The ETI focusing on efficiency of coal-fired power plants (CCC) is pleased to announce a week of events in Chennai, India from 16-20 November 2015. It opens with a one-day workshop on Energy Efficiency and Emission Challenges for India, followed by a two and a half day 11th Mercury Emissions from Coal workshop. For information on these and other events during the week visit the CCC conference page here.    

Greenhouse News

For the latest developments in the field of greenhouse gas abatement and mitigation visit the website of the ETI dealing with carbon capture and storage (GHG) and download their September newsletter here

Clean Coal Centre updates

Prospects for coal in Italy is one of the feature stories in the September 2015 newsletter from the ETI focusing on efficiency of coal-fired power plants (CCC). For this and other news and event updates download from the CCC website here.

Water availablility and policies for the coal power sector - webinar

This upcoming webinar from the ETI focusing on the efficiency of coal-fired power plants (CCC) will examine the availability of fresh water for power generation, in particular for coal-fired power plants and will take place on Wednesday 14 October 2015 at 13.00 CET. To register visit the CCC webinar page here.    

Offshore safety technology forum 

A recent roundtable organised by the ETI dealing with gas and oil technologies (GOT) examined technology challenges facing the industry in the offshore frontier exploration and production areas. Presentations can be downloaded from the GOT website here.  

GHG 2014 Annual Review

The 2014 Annual Review from the ETI focusing on carbon capture and storage (GHG) outlines the work undertaken and produced including the conferences, networks, technical reports, information papers and presentations made by staff members at external meetings. Download from the GHG website here.  

Clean coal policy briefing notes 

New from the ETI focusing on the efficiency of coal-fired power plants (CCC) in 2015, policy notes offer one page of analysis explaining the wider implications of the conclusions of their reports, helping put the findings in context. Available for free download from the CCC website here.   

Comprehensive database on the technology of coal utilisation 

Coal Online is a major free resource providing comprehensive information on the technology of coal utilisation. The information is based on published reports from the ETI focusing on clean coal (CCC) presented as chapters on specific topics related to coal and its use in clean coal technologies. More...

The Implementing Agreements in this category are reviewed by the Working Party on Fossil Fuels (WPFF)

For information on related activities carried out by the IEA Secretariat, see CoalCarbon capture and storageOil and Natural gas.

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