The breadth and coverage of analytical expertise in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are unique assets that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. The 38 TCPs operating today involve about 6 000 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries1.

Publications produced under the TCP on Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (RETD TCP)

RETD TCP (2017) Commercial Readiness Index (CRI) assessment (RE-CRI)

RETD TCP (2017) Fostering renewable industry integration in the industry (RE-INDUSTRY)

RETD TCP (2017) Comparative Analysis of International Offshore Wind Energy Development (REWind Offshore)

RETD TCP (2016) Electricity market design and renewable energy deployment (RES-E-MARKETS)

RETD TCP (2016) Revitalisation of local economy by development of renewable energy: good practices and case studies (REvLOCAL)

RETD TCP (2016) Non-individual transport – Paving the way for renewable Power-to-Gas (RE-P2G)

RETD TCP (2016) Cost and financing aspects of community renewable energy projects (FIN-COMMUNITY)

RETD TCP (2016) Documenting the costs of regulatory delays (RE-DELAYS)

RETD TCP (2016) Showcases of successful renewable energy financing

RETD TCP (2016) Tapping the potential of Commercial Prosumers – Drivers and policy options  (RE-COM-PROSUMERS)

RETD TCP (2016) Policies for Storing Renewable Energy – a scoping study of policy considerations for energy storage (RE-STORAGE)

RETD TCP (2016) Transitioning to policy frameworks for cost-competitive renewables (RE-TRANSITION)

RETD TCP (2016) Towards advanced biofuels – options for integrating 1st and 2nd generation biofuel production (RES-T-BIOPLANT)

RETD TCP (2016) Driving renewable energy for transport – next generation policies Renewable energy sources in transport (RES-T)

RETD TCP (2015) Remote Prosumers – Preparing for deployment (REMOTE PROSUMERS)

RETD TCP (2015) Next generation policy instruments for renewable heating and cooling in the commercial sector (RES-H-NEXT)

RETD TCP (2015) Integration of variable renewable electricity sources in electricity systems – Lessons learnt and guidelines (RE-INTEGRATION)

RETD TCP (2014) Policy Instruments to Support RE Industrial Value Chain Development (RE-ValuePolicies)

RETD TCP (2014) Policies and incentives along the innovation chain (RE-InnovationChain)

RETD TCP (2014) Residential Prosumers – Drivers and Policy Options (RE-PROSUMERS)

RETD TCP (2014) Optimized use of renewable energy through improved system design (OPTIMUM)

RETD TCP (2014) What projects did IEA-RETD execute over the past years?

RETD TCP (2013) Overcoming Environmental, Administrative and Socio-economic Barriers to Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (RENBAR)

RETD TCP (2013) Next Generation of RES-E Policy Instruments (RES-E-NEXT)

RETD TCP (2013) A Decision Maker’s Guide to Evaluating Energy Scenarios, Modeling, and Assumptions (RE-ASSUME)

RETD TCP (2013) Cost and Business Comparisons of Renewable vs. Non-renewable Technologies (RE-COST)

RETD TCP (2013) Communication Best-Practices for Renewable Energies – Scoping Study (RE-COMMUNICATE)

RETD TCP (2012) Economic and Industrial development (EMPLOY)

RETD TCP (2012) Securing the supply chain for renewable energy (RE-SUPPLY)

RETD TCP (2012) Residential Prosumers – Drivers and Policy Options (RE-PROSUMERS)

RETD TCP (2012) Six policy ingredients for accelerated deployment of renewable energy (ACTION star)

RETD TCP (2012) Renewable Energies for Remote Areas and Islands (REMOTE)

RETD TCP (2012) Business models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment (RE-BIZZ)

RETD TCP (2011) Financing Renewable Energy – Key challenges for large-scale deployment (FINANCE-RE)

RETD TCP (2011) Opportunities for the Use of Renewable Energy in Road Transport in different regions (Europe, North America, China) (RETRANS Regions)

RETD TCP (2011) Linking RE Promotion Policies with International Carbon Trade (LINK)

RETD TCP (2011) Externalities of fossil energy (Scenarios 6) (Costs of Inaction)

RETD TCP (2011) Accelerating the Deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies (ADORET)

RETD TCP (2011) Renewable energy in global energy scenarios (Scenarios 4)

RETD TCP (2011) Risk Quantification and Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects (RISK)

RETD TCP (2011) Renewable Energy and Water (RENWA)

RETD TCP (2011) Renewables and Education (RE-Education)

RETD TCP (2010) Innovative policies and markets for the deployment of Renewable Energies for Heating and Cooling in the Residential Sector (IREHC)

RETD TCP (2010) Renewables in Transport RETRANS (2010)

RETD TCP (2009) Better Use of Biomass for Energy (BUBE)

RETD TCP (2008) Policy instrument design to reduce financing costs in RE technology projects

RETD TCP (2008) RE costs and benefits to society (RECABS)

RETD TCP (2008) Innovative electricity markets to incorporate variable production

RETD TCP (2008) Heat: Renewable Energy's sleeping Giant (RE TECHNOLOGY IN HEATING AND COOLING MARKETS)

RETD TCP (2006) Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities

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