Ocean Energy Systems (OES TCP)

The OES TCP carries out a range of activities relating to the viability, uptake, sustainability and acceptance of ocean energy technologies. 

More research and monitoring are needed on the interaction between marine mammals and ocean energy technologies.*


  • Review, exchange and dissemination of information on ocean energy systems
  • Recommended practices for testing and evaluating ocean energy systems
  • Integration of ocean energy plants into distribution and transmission electrical grids
  • Assessment of environmental effects and monitoring
  • Assessment of project information and experience
  • Worldwide Web Global Information Service database
  • Cost of energy assessments
  • Consenting processes for ocean energy
  • International ocean energy technology roadmap
  • Wave energy converters modelling verification and validation
  • Status of OTEC and its resource assessment
  • Stage gate metrics international framework for ocean energy
  • Tidal energy modelling verification and validation


Contracting Parties: 26



* Photo courtesy of WavEC - Offshore Renewables

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