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Advancing the research, development and commercialisation of energy technologies

The IEA Technology Collaboration Programme supports the work of 38 independent, international groups of experts that enable governments and industries from around the world to lead programmes and projects on a wide range of energy technologies and related issues.

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Hydropower (Hydropower)

Hydropwer is the largest source of renewable electricity in the world and it is particularly suited to providing system flexibility. The Hydropower TCP is a global platform for advancing hydropower technology, encouraging the sustainable use of water resources for the development and management of hydropower.

Main areas of work

  • Optimising the value of hydropower and system integration services
  • Technical, social, andenvironmental aspects of hydropower
  • Communication, learning and engagement

Key activities and accomplishments (2017-18)

Priorities and projects (2019-20)

  • Initiate phase II of valuing hydropower servicesproject
  • Launch hidden hydro project, focussed on the use of unharnessed water flow and hydraulic head at non-power dams and improving the performance of existing facilities
  • Initiate joint annex project on value of hydropower in mitigating climate change impacts

Multilateral collaborations

  • Interested in collaboration with the Wind TCP and the TCP on Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC TCP)on best practices in optimising energy and system integration services.
  • Interested in collaboration with the TCP on Ocean Energy Systems (OES TCP) on kinetic or very low head technologies, as well as use of sea water pumped storage to support tidal/wave energy.


Why should your organisation become a member of Hydropower?

Hydropower is a safe, reliable and a cost-effective source of clean energy in use in over 160 countries, proving more than 15% of the world's electricity.  Hydropower generation could increase from over 4000 TWh at present to over 7000 TWh by 2050 – through new plant as well as modernization of existing equipment and structures.

The Hydropower TCP is working cooperatively with the participating national governments, multi-lateral organisations, industry and other associations to raise the profile of hydropower in energy policy formulation, market regulation and adoption of hydropower specific strategies.


Chair: Alex Beckitt, Australia (

Primary contact: Niels Nielsen, Australia (

IEA: Hideki Kamitatara (