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GHG TCP 2018 Annual Review

The GHG TCP has just released its 2018 Annual Review which outlines the work undert6aken and produced by the GHG TCP inlcuding conferences, networks, technical reports, information papers and presentations made by staff members at external meetings. Download here

Socio-economic impacts of coal power and mining in major coal using economies

The next webinar from the CCC TCP on 24 April will explore the direct and indirect effects of coal-fired power generation. It will summarise a report that looks at these impacts with respect to employment and the supply of reliable power generation, especially at a time of uncertainty for many coal communities and economies around the world today. Register here

14th international workshop on multi-pollutant emissions from coal

The CCC TCP will hold the 14th International Workshop on Multi-pollutant Emissions from Coal in Hanoi, Vietnam on 28-30 October 2019. This event will run in conjunction with the UN Environment Coal Partnership and is supported by the Vietnam Environment Administration and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Send an email to pre-register. 

GHGT-14 keynote presentations now available

Keynote presentations from the October 2018 Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) conference (GHGT-14) are now available on the conference website. Held every two years and organised by the GHG TCP, this event is the principal international conference on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies with a particular focus on carbon, capture and storage.  Download here.

Briefing papers on GHG mitigation and CCS

An important aspect of the GHG TCP's activities is to ensure that the results of its work are disseminated as widely as possible. Members produce short briefing papers on a 6-monthly basis to inform the broader community of developments in both greenhouse gas mitigation and the technical status of CCS. Access here.  

Coal combustion emission standards

The CCC TCP maintains a list of emission standards for 47 countries, plus the EU, that are relevant to coal combustion and freely available on their website. Download here   

Unconventional resource development in Latin America

The GOTCP and the Argentinian Ministry of Energy and Mines recently hosted a workshop in Buenos Aires on unconventional resource development in Latin America. Presentations are available on the GOTCP website here

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