Buildings and Communities (EBC TCP)

The EBC TCP provides high quality scientific reports and summary information for policy makers on integrated planning and building design; building energy systems; building envelopes; community-scale methods; and real building energy use.  

An example of integrated energy and urban planning (Rieselfeld district, Freiburg, Germany).*


  • Resilient cooling
  • Occupant behaviour-centric building design and operation
  • Solutions for daylight and electric lighting
  • Deep renovation of historic buildings 
  • Cost-effective building renovation at district level 
  • Competition and living lab platform
  • Towards net zero energy public resilient communities
  • Assessing life cycle related environmental impacts caused by buildings
  • Building energy performance assessment based on in-situ measurements
  • Building energy epidemiology: analysis of real building energy use at scale
  • Strategy and practice of adaptive thermal comfort in low energy buildings
  • Design and operational strategies for high indoor air quality in low-energy buildings
  • Energy flexible buildings
  • Performance of super-insulating materials in building components and systems
  • Optimised performance of energy supply systems with exergy principles
  • Implementation of energy strategies in communities
  • Air infiltration and ventilation centre


Contracting Parties: 28


* Photo courtesy of Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen (SIR)

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