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Energy Balances of OECD Countries online data service 2015 edition - (expires 30 April 2016)

Expanded Product Description

IMPORTANT NOTE: This data service will not be renewed in 2016 - it is being replaced by the World Energy Balances data service.

The Energy Balances of OECD Countries Internet Service contains four files: Summary Energy balances, Extended Energy Balances, Conversion Factors and Economic Indicators. 

The first file (Summary Energy Balances) contains data on the supply and consumption of coal, oil, natural gas, electricity, heat, biofuels and waste for 34 OECD countries and five regions. The figures are expressed in thousand tonnes of oil equivalent and in TJ. In general, data are available for 1960 to 2013 and provisional supply data are available for the previous year (i.e. 2014). Data for Estonia and Slovenia start in 1990, data for Hungary start in 1965 and data for Chile, the Czech Republic, Israel, Korea, Mexico and the Slovak Republic start in 1971.

The second file (Extended Energy Balances) contains detailed energy balances and shows the various types of coal, oil and renewables separately.

The third file (Conversion Factors) contains the conversion factors used to calculate the energy balances.

The fourth file (Economic Indicators) contains ratios of TPES/GDP, etc.

Definitions and explanatory notes on the individual country data are given in the documentation.. 

The service is updated twice a year - in May with complete data up to year-2 and in July with additional provisional supply data for the year-1.

1 user: 550 €
2-5 users: 1100 €
6-10 users: 1650 €
>10 users (& intranet): 2750 €

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* Note on multi-user licences. Apart from the Global Corporate Licence, subscriptions are for a single legal entity. 

Data points may be used to access the online data services and the browser works best on Internet Explorer (if using Version 10 it should be in compatibility mode). The data services uses Beyond 20 software and if you want to download an entire database and install the B2020 software, then you must be running on a Windows-based system. The B2020 software cannot be installed on a MAC computer.