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MODS - Supply, Demand, Balances, Stocks
€ 6 150
€ 12 300
€ 18 500
€ 24 600
€ 61 500
MODS - Trade
€ 2 050
€ 4 100
€ 6 200
€ 8 200
€ 20 500
MODS - Field by Field Supply
€ 3 080
€ 6 200
€ 9 300
€ 12 300
€ 30 800
MODS - Complete Service
€ 9 200
€ 18 400
€ 27 700
€ 36 900
€ 92 000
All IEA online data services
€ 100 000

Terms and conditions

Please refer to sections 2 and 3 of our terms and conditions which set out the internal and external use that you are permitted to make of MODS data. Please note that:
- single users must not share their password or enable others to access or use the data in any way;
- multi-user licences enable the subscriber to give password access to the data to the number of users covered by the licence, provided that such users work for the subscriber’s legal entity.

*Important note: if users are employed by different legal entities, even if the legal entities belong to the same multinational group of companies, then each related legal entity must purchase a subscription so that its own employees can access and use the data. Alternatively, the global licences enable an unlimited number of employees working for any legal entities within a multinational group of companies to access. The Global Corporate Licence allows access to ALL of the IEA’s online data services (and not just the MODS). For more information please contact

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