CCUS in industry and transformation

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Large-scale CCUS projects in industry and transformation in the Sustainable Development Scenario, 2000-2040


Tracking progress 2020

The total number of CCUS projects in industry and fuel transformation rose to 19 in 2020 when the two Alberta Carbon Trunk Line projects in Canada came into operation. An improved investment environment has contributed to a growing number of CCUS projects under development in Europe and the United States that target industrial hubs and CCUS infrastructure for low-carbon hydrogen production. Nevertheless, even though CCUS is one of few technology options available to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in many industries, its deployment is woefully below the SDS level. As part of Covid 19 economic recovery, targeted support for lower-cost and less complex industrial CCUS applications could unlock significant near-term emissions reductions. Greater investment in CO2 transport and storage infrastructure will also be critical.