Senegal 2023

Energy Policy Review

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About this report

Government action plays a pivotal role in building secure, inclusive and sustainable energy systems. Energy policy is critical not just for the energy sector but also for meeting environmental, economic and social goals. Governments need to respond to their countries’ specific needs, adapt to regional contexts and help address global challenges. In this context, the International Energy Agency (IEA) conducts Energy Policy Reviews to support governments in developing more impactful energy and climate policies.

This Energy Policy Review was prepared in collaboration between the government of Senegal and the IEA, whose strong partnership achieved an important milestone in 2023 when Senegal joined the IEA family as an Association country. It draws on the IEA’s extensive knowledge and the inputs of expert peers from IEA member countries and partners to assess Senegal’s most pressing energy sector challenges and provide recommendations on how to address them, backed by international best practices. The report also highlights areas where Senegal’s leadership can serve as an example, such as in promoting universal access to modern energy. It also encourages the exchange of best practices among countries to foster learning, build consensus and strengthen political will for a sustainable and affordable clean energy future.