Policy Pathways Brief: Energy Management Programmes for Industry

Policy Pathways Brief: Energy Management Programmes for Industry
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Edition: 2017
2 pages

Increasing the competitiveness of industry is a key goal for most governments. Improving the efficiency of energy use within industry is a proven, cost-effective mechanism for increasing competitiveness, while simultaneously raising national productivity and strengthening energy security.

The International Energy Agency demonstrates energy savings of at least 26% are possible in industry through effective policy support to raise awareness of opportunities, build technical expertise, increase access to capital, and ultimately reduce perceived risk.

Policy pathway to improving industrial competitiveness through energy management programmes:

  • Combine voluntary and mandatory components within a comprehensive energy management programme. Include both drivers and supporting measures
  • Complement industry obligations with the provision of relevant institutional assistance including training, guidance tools and the establishment of peer networks
  • Promote participation by communicating and recognising real examples of energy efficiency achievements, for example through case studies
  • Assess and enhance programme effectiveness by establishing robust indicators and data collection methodologies, while minimising additional burdens to industry.

The full Policy Pathway offers guidance on developing and implementing energy management programs for industry and provides case studies from around the world. The report can be downloaded here

Translation of full report: Policy Pathways: Energy Management Programmes for Industry - Chinese version