Year:2009 (August 3rd)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009 (August 3rd)
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Tax relief, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Taxes
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Multi-sectoral Policy
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (Secretary of Energy)
Legal References:Executive Branch Decree N° 354/009

The decree 354-009 declares that renewable electricity, renewable energy service providers and manufacturing of renewable energy equipment are considered national interest as defined in the law 16.906. This ensures that renewables can benefit from specific tax incentives.

  • The income tax exemptions for conventional renewable electricity (hydropower) and solar thermal energy decrease over time as follows.
    • 90% from 2009-14
    • 60% from 2015-17 
    • 40% from 2018-20
  • The income tax exemptions for non-conventional renewable energy 
    • 90% from 2009-17
    • 60% from 2018-20
    • 40% from 2021-23

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