Year:2010 (July 1st)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2010 (July 1st)
Policy Type:Policy Support, Regulatory Instruments, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Feed-in tariffs/premiums
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources, Wind, Solar, Solar Thermal, Bioenergy, Hydropower
Policy Sector:Electricity
Agency:Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (Secretary of Energy), National Electricity Utility (UTE)
Legal References:Executive Branch Decree N° 173-010

The Decree promotes the execution of contracts between UTE (electricity utility) and the final consumers of electricity. It allows net metering for small wind power, solar, biomass and mini-hydro.

The National Electricity Utility (UTE) is mandated to buy the excess electricity produced by consumers, for a period of ten years, at retail price (as determined by the retail tariff). 

The electricity must be generated at low-voltage and the maximum installed capacity is the lower of either 6 kW or the power contracted by the consumer. Installation of higher capacity is also possible but with prior authorization.

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