Country:United States
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2008
Policy Type:
Policy Target:Transport, Transport>Freight>Non-road, Transport>Passenger>Non-road
Agency:U.S. Department of Transportation
Legal References:FAA Performance Target in the Capital Investment Plan

The Department of Transportation has a goal to improve aviation fuel efficiency per revenue plane-mile by 2% per year through 2015. In the near term, new technologies and procedures to improve air traffic management will help reduce fuel usage and emissions. In the long term, new engines and aircraft will feature more efficient components and aircraft aerodynamics, enhanced engine cycles, and reduced weight, thereby improving fuel efficiency. Measuring and tracking fuel efficiency from aircraft operations provide the data for assessing the improvements in aircraft and engine technology, operational procedures, and the airspace transportation system that reduce aviation's contribution to CO2 emissions.

This record is superseded by:Aviation Low Emissions, Fuel Efficiency, and Renewable Fuels Measures

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