Country:United States
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2002
Policy Type:Voluntary Approaches>Negotiated Agreements (Public-private sector), Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Grants and subsidies, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D), Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Demonstration project, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme , Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme >Technology deployment and diffusion, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)>Research programme >Technology development
Policy Target:Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Fossil fuels (Coal, gas, oil), Carbon Capture Storage
Agency:US Department of Energy (DOE)

The Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI), part of DOEs Office of Fossil Energy: Fossil Energy Research and Development (FER&D), is an industry/government cost-shared partnership designed to leverage public/private investment, enhance teamwork, promote technology transfer, and provide the expertise and funding needed to ensure successful development and deployment of new technologies. CCPI provides the means to demonstrate clean coal technologies proven through R&D to have commercial potential. Demonstrations are at a commercial scale in actual operating environments. Of the six overall projects selected, three projects from Round Three (HECA, Summitt and NRG) are still active.

This record is superseded by:CCS Demonstration and Large-Scale Geologic Storage Cooperative Agreements

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