Country:United States
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2007
Date Ended:2008
Policy Type:Information and Education>Information provision, Information and Education
Policy Target:Energy Sector>Energy Efficiency / Demand Reduction, Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:National Governors Association
Description:In September 2007, the National Governors Association (NGA) committed to promoting clean energy policies across the country. The NGAs new "Securing a Clean Energy Future" initiative seeks to enlist the efforts of all governors to enact meaningful clean energy policies at the state level. Specifically, the initiative seeks to promote state policies that encourage energy efficiency and conservation; promote non-petroleum fuels; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and accelerate the research and development of advanced clean energy technologies. The initiatives efforts are guided by a task force composed of eight governors that represent a cross-section of the country and that share a common desire to advance clean energy.

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