Country:United States
Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2001
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Direct investment>Procurement rules
Policy Target:Appliances
Agency:Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)
Legal References:Executive Order 13221 - Energy-Efficient Standby Power Devices (2001)

Executive Order (E.O.) 13221, Energy Efficient Standby Power Devices, calls for Federal agencies to purchase products that use minimal standby power when possible. Signed on 2 August 2001, the Order directs federal agencies to purchase products that use no more than one watt in standby power consuming mode when purchasing commercially-available, off-the-shelf products that use external standby power devices or that contain an internal standby power function. If such products are not available, agencies shall purchase products with the lowest standby power wattage while in their standby power consuming mode. Agencies are to adhere to these requirements when life-cycle cost-effective and practicable, and where the relevant products utility and performance are not compromised as a result.

This record is superseded by:Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

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