Year:2009 (Mai 21st)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009 (Mai 21st)
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Policy Support
Renewable Energy Policy Targets:Bioenergy, Biofuels for transport
Policy Sector:Framework Policy, Transport
Renewable Energy Description:

Main objectives of the Law on Promotion of Biological Fuels Production and Use No. 1391-V is to save fossil fuels, decrease Ukraine’s dependency from energy imports, increase its energy security and decrease the negative impact on the environment caused by burning fossil fuels. This four objectives will be achieved via promotion of biofuels in Ukraine. 

Law introduces a definition of biofuels and its types (bioethanol, biogas, biomass, biodiesel, etc). In Ukraine companies of all legal organizational forms can engage in production and sale of biofuels. Biofuel types designed for sale as market products are subject to certification (except for products for own consumption). During the sale producer is obliged to present to the buyer documentation confirming the quality of the fuel. 

Production of bioethanol can be conducted in Ukraine by licensed entities of which Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine keeps a registry. 

Law does no provide for specific financial support for biofules. 

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