Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2007
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Monitoring, Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements
Policy Target:Energy Sector, Buildings>Non-Residential
Agency:General Directorate of Renewable Energy (GDRE) /Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR)
Legal References:Energy Efficiency Law - No. 5627

 To monitor energy efficiency, according to the energy efficiency law, certain energy users are obliged to report on their energy consumption to the General Directorate of Renewable Energy (GDRE). These obligations apply to: - Industrial establishments consuming more than 1000 toe - Power plants which have minimum 100 MW installed capacity - Commercial or service buildings which have minimum 20,000 m2 construction area or 500 toe energy consumption in a year - Public buildings which have minimum 10,000 m2 construction area or 250 toe energy consumption in a year. For this purpose, the GDRE has set up an energy use database known as the Energy Efficiency Portal, which provides effective information flow, produces reliable projections, provides education and creates awareness in order to disseminate and increase the effectiveness of energy efficiency studies. As of October 2008, industrial plants consuming over 50 000 toe must establish energy management units, as do organised industrial zones. They also have to report on their energy consumption and management activities to GDRE. Energy Consulting Companies (EVDs) have to report their yearly activities to the GDRE. 

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