Year:2013 (January 1st)
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2013 (January 1st)
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards>Product standards
Policy Target:Transport
Agency:Swiss Federal Office of Energy and Swiss Federal Roads Office
Legal References:SR 641.711 -- Ordonnance du 30 novembre 2012 sur la réduction des émissions de CO2 (Ordonnance sur le CO2)
Penalty:financial penalty

All Swiss motor vehicle importers are obliged to lower the average CO2-emissions of newly registered passenger cars to an average value of 130 grams per kilometer by the year 2015. Should a passenger car emit more CO2, a fee will be payable. The regulatrion applies to importers of new cars.

Two classes of importers are considered, those who manage 50 or more imports per year (large importers) and those less than 50 including private individuals. Excluded are utility vehicles, residentail utiliy vehicles and second hand cars (defined as those that have been registered for more than 6 months at home or abroad).

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