Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012
Policy Type:Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Agency:Swedish Energy Agency
Legal References:Prop. 2012/13:21 - Forskning och innovation för ett långsiktigt hållbart energisystem

The Swedish Energy Agency is a major funding agency for research and co-ordinates most research on energy systems, including climate change aspects. The Swedish Energy Agency annually funds research with SEK 1.3 bn (EUR 140 million) within six focal areas: energy systems, buildings, energy-intensive industry, the power system, transportation, and fuel-based energy systems. Energy-related research is also funded by other agencies. The Riksdag decided in 2012 to extend and progressively strengthen funding for energy research (Govt. Bill 2012/13:21), which focuses to a great extent on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It set a level of some SEK 1.3 billion for the years 2013–15 and around SEK 1.4bn from 2016 onwards. The overarching aim is that the work undertaken should contribute to realizing existing energy and climate objectives, long-term energy and climate policy, and energy-related environmental policy goals. Energy research is a central and integral part of energy policy, offering synergies with other policy instruments in that area.

A link exists between innovation initiatives and economic instruments, in that the latter can facilitate market introduction of the new technology, as with the green vehicle rebate, for example

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Cross-sectoral
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