Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Bioenergy, Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Transport
Agency:Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish Transport Agency
Legal References:The Fuels Act (Drivmedelslagen (2011:319))

The Fuels Act (SFS 2011:319) came into force in May 2011 and implements Article 7a of the Fuel Quality Directive. The Act entails that fuel suppliers have to decrease GHG emissions from supplied fuels with 6 % until 2020, compared to fossil fuels in 2010. Fuel suppliers have to deliver annual reports to the Swedish Energy Agency on the origin and GHG emissions of the supplied fuels.

Detailed regulations in the Fuel Quality Directive, e.g. concerning calculation methods of the decrease in GHG emissions, are yet to be established at EU level.

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