Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2004
Date Amended:

2013-2020, 2008-2012

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments
Policy Target:
Agency:Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications
Legal References:Sweden?s National Allocation Plan

Sweden’s national allocation plan for emissions trading within the EU over the period 2005-2007 was presented in April 2004, and has since been approved by the European Commission. The plan sets out the principles for allocation of emission rights to plants included in the trading system, together with a ceiling for the total number of emission rights. The plan foresees rights equivalent to 22.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year over the period. The final, definitive quantity was determined in connection with conclusion of the allocation process on 30 September 2004, and amounted to 22.3 million tonnes/year. New entrants into the trading scheme receive allocations based on benchmarks for the energy sector and best available technology for other sectors. Closing installations maintain their allocations as long as they maintain a permit to emit CO2. As implemented by Sweden, the EU Linking Directive 2004/101/EC permits the use of ERUs and CERs to meet emissions caps.

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