Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013
Policy Type:
Policy Sector:Electricity, Framework Policy
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Renewable Energy Description:

Modification of the remuneration system of regulated activities and the remuneration formula of the special regime facilities, with the intent to avoid the increase of the tariff deficit and that consumers bear these costs through higher electric tolls.

Main modifications:
Change in the updating of all the electric system costs: The methodologies for updating the remunerations, tariffs and premiums that were linked to the general Consumer Price Index (regulated activities such as transportation, distribution or the special regime -mainland costs, renewable energy and cogeneration-), will be updated applying said Index to constant taxes excluding unprocessed food and energy products.

Modification of Royal Decree 661/2007, of May 25: the remuneration through the price market + premium is eliminated (premium = 0 c€/kWh) and the upper and lower limits for all special regime technologies in which these concepts were not equal to zero. The remuneration of all the special regime facilities will be under the regulated tariff formula, unless the titleholder of the facility decides to perceive only the market price, but without a premium.

Before the entry into force of RDL 2/2013, facilities that were under the provisions of Royal Decree 1538/1987 of December 11, which determines the electricity tariff of the service management companies, could perceive a premium if they made a sufficient investment in the facility in order to increase the production capacity of electricity.

With the entry into force of RDL 2/2013, this premium is replaced by a regulated tariff.
Changes in the tariff to be received by certain facilities depending on the technology used

This record supersedes:Feed-in tariffs for electricity from renewable energy sources (Special regime)

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