Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2010
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Policy Support
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Framework Policy
Agency:Institute for the energy diversification and saving (IDAE)

The European Directive 2009/28/EC of April 23rd 2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources establishes the general targets, in all European Union member states, of 20% share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption and 10% of energy from renewable sources in the transport by 2020. The National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) seeks to meet such target requirements, adheres to the renewable energies Directive methodology and conforms to the template for national renewable energy action plans adopted by the European Commission. The first NREAP, dated 30th June 2010, has been replaced by a new NREAP, dated 20th December 2011, submitted to the European Commission on 5th January 2012 and drawn up in accordance with the Spanish REP 2011-2020, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 11th November 2011.

Spain 2020 renewable energy targets: 

  • Overall target: 20.8% of share of energy generated from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption;
  • Heating and cooling: 17.3% of heat consumption met by renewable sources;
  • Electricity: 39% of electricity demand met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources;
  • Transport: 11.3% of energy demand met by renewable energy sources.

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