Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2007
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements, Information and Education>Performance Label>Comparison label, Information and Education, Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Buildings>Building Type>Residential, Buildings>New buildings, Buildings>Building Type>Non-residential
Agency:Regional Governments
Legal References:Royal Decree 47/2007

In order to comply with the Directive 93/76/EC and improve the energy efficiency of buildings, in 1999 the General Directorate for Housing, Architecture and Urbanism of the Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism (Dirección General para la Vivienda, la Arquitectura y el Urbanismo del Ministerio de Fomento) and the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía, IDAE) signed a collaboration agreement to carry out an energy certification programme for buildings, which, at first, would focus on residential housing and then, cover all types of buildings. The requirement for certification of buildings in the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings was partly transposed in January 2007 by Royal Decree 47/2007, outlining the procedure for the energy certification of new buildings. As of 1 November 2007, an Energy Performance Certificate must be provided to buyers or renters of buildings. The Royal Decree establishes a register of technical documents recognised for the energy certification of buildings, according to requirements outlined by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Housing. Building on the procedure in the Royal Decree, Regional Governments will develop specific procedures, as well as register certificates and undertake inspections. The computer application for the previous energy certification of buildings programme has been updated acording to the Royal Decree 47/2007 and is available free of charge in the web site of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Buildings, Buildings, Building energy labels or certificates

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