Policy status:Planned
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Agency:Minsitry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, IDAE
Legal References:Royal Decree 430/2004
Climate Change Description:This Royal Decree transposes the European Directive into the Spanish legislation. In the Directive, new Emission Value Limits (EVL) for every combustion plant >= 50 MWth (mainly Power Combustion Plants and refinery facilitiesare fixed). As the result, the facilities built before 1/7/1987 are obliged to adapt their emissions in SO2 NOx and particules to the specific EVL, or be closed in 5 years running within this period less than 20.000 hours. In the regulation is also contemplated the possibiliy of reaching the total emissions the by the constitution of a bubble, a National Emission Reduction Plan (PNRE) that will be negotiated as soon as possible.

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