Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2002
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Policy Sector:
Agency:Ministerio de Economia, Direccion General de politica Energetica y Minas
Funding:€2720M for Electricity - €5235M for Gas

The “Planning of Electricity and Gas Sectors: Development of the Transport Networks 2002-2011” was approved by the Government and ratified by Parliament in 2002. Under the plan, priority is given to the installation of power lines coming from renewable energy facilities and for combined cycle power plants; and also for the building of natural gas pipelines to serve co-generation and combined cycle plants. The structure of electrical generation is to be modified through fuel substitution and technical change. The plan is to increase the installed capacity of wind power facilities to 13 000 MW in 2011 and of combined cycle plants to at least 14 800 MW by 2011. The forecast for energy demand used in this new plan is higher than that used in the Renewable Energy Plan. In order to reach the target of 12% of energy produced by renewables, the plan updates the objectives for wind energy and biomass electricity production in the 2000 Renewable Energy Plan.


In 2006 there was  a review of the planning for the period 2005-2011. The main target was identify possible deviations regarding the forecats of the energy development, updating forecasts of the electricity and gas demand, and the way to cover them, and reviewing the planning of the transport Networks. In this review another new energy policies were takin into account (The Renewable Energy Plan for 2005-2010, etc)

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