Year:2013 (June 28th)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013 (June 28th)
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Renewable Energy Policy Targets:Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Electricity, Heating and Cooling
Size of Plant Targeted:Small, Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Minetur)
Legal References:Act 8/2013 on urban refurbishment, regeneration and renovation
Renewable Energy Description:

Act 8/2013 fosters building refurbishment and urban regeneration and renovation, establishing a regulatory framework aimed to the building sector recovery. It seeks to promote quality, sustainability and competitiveness in the building sector. In this sense, it modifies some previous regulations including the Technical building code. Act 8/2013 establishes that in some cases it is possible to use free or public domain spaces, or common spaces for private use (additional roofs, facades,  etc.), for the installation of solar collectors or other renewable energy sources, when they achieve at least a 30% reduction in the non-renewable primary energy consumption of a building.

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