Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources>Power
Policy Sector:Electricity, Framework Policy
Agency:Ministry of energy, development and environmental protection
Legal References:RS Official Gazette, No. 8/13

This Decree specifies:

  • - the conditions and procedure for acquiring the status of privileged power producer,
  • - the content of the request and the evidence of eligibility for acquiring the status,
  • - the minimum primary energy efficiency level in co-generation power plants depending on type of primary fuel and installed power,
  • - the maximum total installed power for wind and solar power plants which may acquire the status of privileged producer (i.e. temporary status of privileged power producer),
  • - the obligations of privileged power producers and methods of monitoring and control,
  • - as well as methods of keeping the Privileged Power Producers Registry.
This record supersedes:Decree on the Requirements for obtaining the Status of the Privileged Power Producer and the Criteria for Assessing Fulfilment of these Requirements

year effective: 2013 (February 4th)

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