Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Policy Support
Policy Target:Multi-Sectoral Policy
Agency:Ministry of Economy and Employment and Directorate General for Energy and Geology
Legal References:Cabinet Resolution nº169/2005, of 24th October

Portugals 2005 National Energy Strategy determines the main policy guidelines and most relevant measures for the energy sector. The Strategy sets out the following main goals: - To guarantee the security of energy supply, through the diversification of the primary resources and energy services and the promotion of energy efficiency ; - To stimulate and favour competitiveness , in order to safeguard consumer rights as well as the competitiveness and efficiency of companies; - To ensure the environmental sustainability of the entire energy process, through the reduction of environmental impact locally, regionally and globally. The Strategy foresees the reorganisation of the energy sector, mainly through five action axes, namely: (i) the liberalisation of gas and electricity markets; (ii) the establishment of two major competing operators in the gas and electricity sectors; (iii) the development of a single transmission system operator for gas and electricity; (v) strong promotion for the development of renewable energy and (vi) an implementation plan for increased energy efficiency. The Resolution specifies the goals of the Government Programme for the energy sector and defines eight guidelines that will correlate into measures and legislative instruments to be developed and adopted during the legislature: 1. To proceed with market liberalization for natural gas, electricity and other fuels 2. To define the structural framework for competition in the electricity and natural gas sectors 3. To increase the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources 4. To promote Energy Efficiency 5. Public procurement that is "energy efficient and environmentally relevant" 6. To reorganise the energy fiscal system and incentive schemes 7. To foster energy innovation 8. To ensure communication, awareness and evaluation of the national energy strategy

This record is superseded by:National Energy Strategy 2020 (ENE 2020)
This record supersedes:Resolution of the Council of Ministries - 63/2003

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