Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Resilience / Adaptation
Agency:Ministry of Environment

The “Polish National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change by 2020 with the perspective by 2030” (SPA 2020) has been prepared with a view to ensure the conditions of stable socio-economic development in the face of risks posed by climate change but also with a view to use the positive impact which adaptation actions may have not only on the state of the Polish environment but also on the economic growth.

The main aim of adaptation actions taken by both public and private entities, such as the implementation of policies, investments in infrastructure and technologies as well as changes in behaviour, is to avoid risks and make use of opportunities. Climate change should be seen as a potential risk which should be taken into account when creating for example regulatory mechanisms and investment plans, just like it is the case of macroeconomic or geopolitical risks.

SPA 2020 indicates the objectives and directions of adaptation actions to be taken in the most vulnerable sectors and areas within the period by 2020: water management, agriculture, forestry, biodiversity and protected areas, health, energy, building industry, transport, mountain areas, coastal zone, spatial development and urban areas.

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