Year:2003 (Jan 1st)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2003 (Jan 1st)
Policy Type:Policy Support>Institutional creation
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources>All
Policy Sector:Electricity, Heating and Cooling
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Ministry of Water and Power; Alternative Energy Development Board;

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was created by the government of Pakistan in 2003. The functions of the Board are to:

  • develop national strategies, policies and plans for the utilization of alternative and renewable energy resources to achieve the targets approved by the Federal Government;
  • to act as a forum for evaluating, monitoring and certifying alternative and renewable energy projects and products; to act as a coordinating agency for the commercial application of alternative and renewable technology;
  • and to facilitate power generation through alternative and renewable energy resources.

AEDB was provided a legal basis by Presidential Ordinances in 2005 and 2007. In 2010, the Parliament of Pakistan provided legislative foundations to AEDB through the AEDB Act. 

Related policies:Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy, 2006 (Short term policy) , Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy, 2011 (Medium term policy)

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