Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2012
Policy Type:Economic Instruments, Information and Education
Agency:Ministry of Climate and Environment
Climate Change Description:

The objectives and principles in Norwegian climate policy are anchored in the broad political agreement in the Storting (Norwegian parliament) from 2008, cf. Recommendation No. 145 (2007–2008) to the Storting.

This climate agreement also includes measures and check points for following up the climate policy. The objectives as laid down in the broad political agreement from 2008 stand firm. The Government proposes to reinforce the domestic policy framework to address climate change. This policy on climate change aims to be among the most ambitious in the world. The objective is for Norway to become a low-emission society towards the end of this century. This entails a change which will include producing more renewable energy, phasing it into areas which currently use fossil energy, and using energy more efficiently. Norway will develop new, climate-friendly technology at home, and employ technology developed in other countries.

This record is superseded by:White Paper on National Climate Policy

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