Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2008
Date Ended:2012
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments, Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments>GHG emissions trading
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:Ministry of the Environment

In January 2008, the Norwegian emissions trading system, in force since 2005, was merged with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Emitters subject to the countrys CO2 tax were included in the scheme. Norway issued its draft National Allocation Plan (NAP) for 2008-2012 in January 2008. The plan provides for an annual cap of 15 million tonnes of CO2, of which almost eight million will be auctioned. Landbased industry will be granted some free allowances for their energy-related and process-related emissions, calculated based on 1998-2001 emissions. The Plan also provides for a special reserve of allowances for new gas-fired power plants based on carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology, and for highly efficient plants for heat and power cogeneration. Only 3 million tonnes of the total amount will be allowed to be achieved via the Kyoto mechanisms (Emission Reductions Units and Certified Emissions Reductions). The plan covers 40% of total projected national emissions of greenhouse gases for the period 2008-2012. A further extension of the system is being considered, especially for certain industrial sectors, such as nitrous oxide in the fertiliser industry. The NAP is currently under review, following its assessment by the EFTA Surveillance Authority in July 2008.

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