Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)
Policy Target:Carbon Capture Storage
Agency:Research Council of Norway/Gassnova SF
Funding:200 MNOK (2017); 230 MNOK (2016); 200 MNOK (2015)

The Programme for Power Generation with Carbon Capture and Storage (CLIMIT) is managed by Gassnova in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway. Responsibilities have been divided: the Research Council of Norway is in charge of the research projects, Gassnova is responsible for the prototype and demonstration projects. 

By supporting testing and demonstration projects, Gassnova shall help to develop cost-efficient and future-oriented technology concepts for CO2 management. This includes the development of know-how and solutions for:

  • CO2 capture before, during or after power production
  • Compression and handling of CO2 
  • Transport of CO2 
  • Long-term storage of CO2 and other areas of application 

Gassnova shall focus on co-funding projects seen as having an obvious commercial potential and which include a market-oriented business plan. Please also refer to the Programme Plan and the CLIMIT "road map".

For research grants within the same field, please refer to the calls for proposals issued by the Research Council of Norway.

This record supersedes:Grant for Capturing CO2 Generated by Combustion Source

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