Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2009
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Regulatory Instruments>Other mandatory requirements
Policy Target:Hydropower
Policy Sector:
Agency:Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), Ministry of the Environment and the Natural Resources (MARENA), National Water Authority (ANA), Nicaraguan Electricity Company (ENEL), Nicaraguan Energy Institute(INE)
Legal References:General Law on the Environment and the Natural Resources No. 217 (reformed 2008); General National Law on Water (Law 620); Electricity Industry Law No. 272; Inter-Ministerial Agreement, 01-2010
Enforcement:Ministry of Energy and Mines
Funding:Private funds
Evaluation:Currently being reformed (Ref: 08.23.12)
Penalty:Administrative and legal penalties

The Special Law seeks the development and implementation of a 253 MW hydroelectric project, establishing procedures to obtain the Environmental Permit, Special License for water use to generate electricity and the generation license. The Law establishes a differentiated fiscal incentive framework, a specified period for the project to be transferred to the State and a 10 % State participation share during the initial operation period. It is currently being reformed (Ref: 08.23.12).


This Act was amended  by Law No. 816, Law on Amendments and Additions to the Law No. 695, Special Law for the Development of Hydroelectric Project Tumarín, adopted on 13 November 2012 and published in the Gazette No. 219 of 15 November 2012.

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