Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2003
Policy Type:Economic Instruments
Policy Target:Hydropower
Policy Sector:
Agency:Ministry of Energy and Mines; Ministry of Finance and Public Credit; Nicaraguan Energy Institute
Legal References:Law No. 620: General Law on Water ; Law No. 272: Electricity Industry Law
Enforcement:National Water Authority
Funding:Government (National budget)
Penalty:Penalties from 1,000 US$ up to 10,000 US$

This Law has the objective to promote power generation using hydro resources, within  a framework of sustainable use of water resources to help the promotion of social  and economic development of the Nation. It provides with a variety of incentives that are applied  only to new projects which main use of the water resource is hydropower generation with reservoir or run-of-river. Permitting regulations are established to obtain permits to use water for hydroelectricity projects.

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