Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Economic Instruments
Policy Target:
Agency:Environment Ministry
Funding:€34.5m in 2005

The Dutch Government has proposed a new subsidy scheme to cut housing carbon emissions, with a stronger emphasis than previously on economic efficiency. The existing scheme went €96m into the red in 2003, its last year of operation, as householders rushed to apply for fixed subsidies to fit solar panels. The Government now views the approach as having been inefficient. The new scheme, to be operational from 2005, will not be open to households but will target bigger building projects via architects, housing associations and local councils. Applicants will have to submit tenders for the carbon dioxide reductions they propose to make. The programmes budget is to be €34.5m in 2005. The government wants to cap CO2 emissions from housing at 28m tonnes per year by 2010.

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