Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1995
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards
Policy Target:Solar Thermal>Solar heat, Geothermal>Heat, Bioenergy>Biomass for heat
Policy Sector:
Size of Plant Targeted:Small

All new buildings are required in the building code to reach a performance standard. Renewables in buildings like solar thermal, PV, passive solar and heat pumps, contribute to reach a low energy coefficient. For housing, the acceptable level of the coefficient was reduced from 1.0 in 2000 to 0.8 in 2006. The acceptable level of the coefficient is reduced from 0,8 to 0,6 in 2011. This policy fits into the European Performance of Buildings Directive that requires all EU countries to set limits to the energy use for new buildings.

This record is superseded by:Energy Performance Standards for Buildings Strengthened

date effective: 1995-revised 2011

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