Year:2003 (last revised 2010)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2003 (last revised 2010)
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources>All
Policy Sector:Electricity
Size of Plant Targeted:Large
Legal References:RES 066 2010

Resolution that issues a new model cotract for the interconnection of renewable energy plants.  The model contract utilizes the "stamp system" (estampilla postal) which establishes a system of transmission fees per kWh.




The resolution issues the methodology for determination of charges for  transmission services for electricity generators using renewable energy or efficient cogeneration technologies. 
The tranmission charges for renewable energy at USD are as follows:

  • USD 2.49/MWh for medium and high voltage (>1kV)
  • USD 4.98/MWh for low voltage (<1kV).

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