Country:Marshall Islands
Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2003
Date Ended:2009
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning, Policy Support, Policy Support>Institutional creation, Information and Education
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources, Solar
Policy Sector:
Agency:Ministry of Resources & Development
Legal References:Policy was approved by Cabinet on April 17, 2003 [Ref. No.: C.M. 075 (2003)]

National Energy Policy was created in order to road-map long-term strategy of the country to achieve its primary goal: “Available, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for social and economic Development for all the people of the Marshall Islands”.

Document divides the strategy for 6 different sections:

1)      National Coordination and Planning

2)      Renewable Energy / Rural Electrification

3)      Power Sector

4)      Petroleum Sector

5)      Energy Efficiency

6)      Transport Sector

The most important provisions of theses sections are:

a)      To establish Energy Planning Division that will be responsible for planning, implementation and creation of appropriate energy policies. To assure that this Division will be appropriately staffed with knowledgeable and well trained in an energy sector people.

b)      To replace imported petroleum products with electricity produced on islands and via this, to decrease energy dependence on external energy sources.

c)      To deploy and populate renewable energy technologies, especially PV installations.

d)      To support RE technologies installation in urban and rural areas.

e)      To establish an appropriate management mechanism for renewable energy covering operation, maintenance and cost recovery.

f)       Promote more efficient end-use consumption of electricity via education programs and workshops in public and private sector.

g)      Ensure creation of an appropriate tariff levels (based on full cost recovery).

date effective: 2003 (April 17th)

date ended: 2009 (September)

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