Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2006
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Grants and subsidies
Policy Target:Solar>Solar photovoltaic
Policy Sector:
Agency:Malta Resources Authority
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Legal References:GN 135 of 2006; legal ref for an amendment: GN 81 of 2009, GN 162 of 2010, GN 617,895, of 2011
Funding:National funds

In 2005, a grant scheme for the purchase of small photovoltaic (PV) systems for domestic residences was introduced. Eligible applicants could apply for a once-only grant of 20% on the purchase price of a photovoltaic system with a minimum installed size of one kilowatt peak, and subject to a maximum grant of €1165. Applicants were also eligible to an additional grant of €582 for every additional installed kilowatt peak, subject to a total maximum input power of 3.7 kilowatt peak (3.7kWp). Fractions of a kilowatt peak installed additionally above the minimum of one kilowatt peak (1kWp) were treated pro rata. The systems purchased under these schemes had to be installed in a domestic residence and had to be connected to the national grid. This scheme was not very successful and was terminated and substituted with a revised scheme aimed at increasing uptake.  


The scheme launched in 2009 increased the grant for PV systems to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of €3,000 and the sum allocated was of €500,000. The scheme was so popular all the grants were exhausted on the first day the scheme opened. A similar scheme was launched in 2010 which drew a further 2086 applications (MRA, pers. comm., 1st March 2010).

The popularity of these schemes was also due to the decrease in market price of PV systems from previous years and the two substantial increases in conventional electricity tariffs experienced in 2009 and in 2010.

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