Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources
Policy Sector:Electricity, Heating and Cooling
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large
Agency:Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority

The Electricity Act regulates conditions for issuing licenses for engaging in the business of generation, transmission, wheeling, distribution, sale importation and exportation, use and safety of electricity in Malawi. The Law empowers the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority to issue or not issue licenses for engaging in the electricity business.

The Act states that the regulatory authority shall prescribe special and less onerous licensing regulations in respect of applications for rural electrification.

Here rural electrification means grid and off grid extension of distribution lines and installation of solar photovoltaic systems, generation of electricity from mini- and micro-hydro which internal rate of return is up to 6% per annum and line capacity is less than 66KV and/or generation capacity is up to 5MW.

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