Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:1987
Date Amended:

1989 and 1997

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards, Regulatory Instruments>Monitoring
Policy Target:Industry>Industrial processes, Residential Appliances>Water heating, Residential Appliances>Space heating, Commercial/Industrial Equipment, Buildings>Building Type>Non-residential, Buildings>Building Type>Residential, Buildings>Building Type>Industrial
Agency:Ministry of Environment
Legal References:Règlement grand-ducal modifié du 23 décembre 1987 relatif aux installations de combustion alimentées en combustible liquide
Penalty:Fine of EUR 248 for non-compliance

Regulations concerning oil-fired combustion installations have been in place since 1987, and were most recently updated in 1997. These do not only apply to heating and sanitary hot water installations, but includes those forming part of a production process. The regulations apply to installations with a capacity of less than 3 MW. New installations as well as significant replacement of existing installation components must be inspected by a certified inspector. Among the elements to be inspected are combustion efficiency standards. Installations in service prior to 1 January 1982 must be at least 85% efficient, while those in service after 1 January 1982 must have a combustion efficiency of 90%. Installation owners must request an inspection of their installation every two years.

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