Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2008
Date Amended:

2008, 2010, 2012, 2014

Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards, Information and Education>Performance Label>Comparison label
Energy Efficiency Policy Targets:Buildings, Building Type, Residential, Buildings, Existing buildings, Buildings, New buildings, Buildings, Building Code, Energy performance
Climate Change Policy Targets:Buildings, Residential
Agency:Ministry of the Economy
Legal References:Regulation of 30 November 2007 concerning the energy performance of residential buildings
Energy Efficiency Description:

New regulations concerning new and exisiting residential buildings took effect on 1 January 2008. All new buildings and existing buildings undergoing significant renovation must meet new energy performance requirements. The regulations introduced a calculation method for measuring energy performance. New buildings must be accompanied by an energy performance certificate. For existing buildings, an energy performance certificate is required in case of change in the buildings owner or tenant, as well as if significant renovation is undertaken. The certificate provides a rating of the buildings energy performance, as well as advice on improvements that can be made. Only certified architects, engineers and experts can issue the certificates. The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, along with Luxembourgs Energy Agency, provide specialised training for professionals on energy performance certification.


These amending mostly concern minor changes such as the tightening of U-values, calculation method to determine the building surface or determination method to define residential buildings.

The regulation of 5th May 2012 reinforced the energy performance requirements (primary energy and heating energy) in stages up to 2017 for new residential buildings and extensions of existing residential buildings exceeding 80 m2. The reinforcement steps, will gradually lead to the “passive standard nearly zero energy” requirements for new residential buildings (and its extensions depending on the case) from 2018 on. The primary energy class and the final energy class will be raised from the class BC in force in 2014 up to class AB in 2015 and , to class AA in 2017 and finally to AA+ after 2020.

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